The “Have You Ever Heard of” Series

Do you know what I absolutely love about my work? Learning new things. I know, it’s just a little nerdy. It’s also a briefly terrifying when you first learn about something and realize you should have known about it a lot sooner. But if you’re like me, that soon passes and you’re just happy to have the knowledge. 

Along those lines, I’m going to be giving you a “Have You Ever Heard of” series of posts. Each post will highlight a new federal or state law and include critical tidbits like:

  • Citations for related regulations
  • A summary of the law (including who it applies to and what it requires or prohibits)
  • Reporting deadlines
  • Document retention requirements

…in other words, just enough information to be dangerous. I’m actually very excited about this series, and I hope you’ll find it helpful. 

Please feel free to drop a note and tell me if there’s any particular law that is still leaving you perplexed and I’ll make sure to cover that soon. 

Stay tuned!